Customer 360 AI


The Customer 360 AI App offers a comprehensive overview of essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to your customer.


This omni-channel app gathers data from past customer interactions and presents insights based on this data in a highly intuitive summarised dashboard view.


The primary aim of this dashboard/app is to empower companies to enhance their customer service by gaining deeper insights into customer history & behaviour. 


By understanding where previous SLAs and service levels may have fallen short, companies can address these shortcomings in current & future interactions with their customers and ultimately foster highly improved customer satisfaction levels and retention rates.

Dashboard Features

  • Customer Sentiment Score: Average customer sentiment score based on previous interactions expressed as a percentage
  • Query Type Summarization: A condensed overview and statistics of the type of queries your customer has made previously 
  • Customer Level Ticket Data: Total number of tickets generated for customer & total tickets active tickets across all channels
  • Customer SLA Metrics: Historical view of the number of tickets resolved within SLA periods for a specific customer 
  • Account Level Alerting: Customer vulnerability/fraudulent behaviour flags/alerts based on current & previous interaction history 
  • Fraud Flag: Alert potential fraud based on various factors including number of interactions; high-value items; repeated missing/damaged items etc.
  • Average Resolution Period: Metrics detailing the average resolution period experienced by the customer across all channels
  • Summarization of Last 5 Interactions: One line summarization of interaction E.g. Voice – Good Not Received – Refund Provided – CSAT Score 90% – Agent: Vip


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction & Retention Levels: Our App delivers powerful customer insights that empower agents to truly understand their customers. By leveraging these insights, agents can offer personalised service that exceeds expectations, creating lasting relationships and driving satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Routing Algorithm: Our advanced routing logic guarantees that customer interactions are seamlessly directed to agents who excel in handling queries, especially those where previous experiences may have fallen short. This ensures each customer receives the exceptional service they require.

  • Heads-Up Insight Dashboard: The Customer 360 AI dashboard delivers dynamic, real-time insights precisely as each new customer interaction begins, empowering agents with the knowledge to offer a proactive and personalised service instantly.

  • Faster Resolution Times: Resolution times and AHTs are significantly shortened thanks to the App’s capability to provide an AI driven concise history of the customer’s interactions. This allows agents to swifty address issues and deliver a faster, more efficient service.

  • Improved Deflection Rates: Our App goes beyond customer interactions by proactively recommending and creating knowledge articles tailored to common queries, ensuring agents have the resources needed to deliver swift and informed responses together with the ability to empower customers to resolve their own queries through knowledge articles / answer bots.

  • Intelligent AI Account Alerting: The AI capabilities of the app enable us to detect and alert us to specific types of customers. For instance, we can identify fraudulent behaviour and manage interactions accordingly. Additionally, we can identify vulnerable customers and ensure appropriate processes are followed to support them.

  • Comprehensive Explore Reporting: The App provides insights not just at the customer level but also across the entire organisation. Key performance indicators such as resolution times, average customer sentiment, query types, and top-performing channels offer invaluable insights for companies as they shape their roadmap and strategy.

Get in touch with us if you would like to hear more about the Customer 360 AI App and how it can help your organisation experience a new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction through your customer interactions.