Nested Views


Nested Views revolutionises ticket management by allowing you to create and organise multi-level views that significantly boost your agents’ efficiency and enhance team productivity. Seamlessly integrated with Zendesk, our app ensures a streamlined, clear, and efficient customer service experience.

Enhanced Agent Productivity

Our app optimises ticket management through its unique multi-groupings feature, introducing wildcard searches, dynamic column selection, and improved ticket previews. Customise your views with personalised icons and text formatting to enhance visibility and accessibility.

Key Features

  • Optimise Ticket Management: Leverage multi-groupings within your views for better organisation and prioritisation.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Customise views with icons and text formatting, add columns on the fly for quick identification.
  • Unlimited Views: No restrictions like the out-of-the-box 30-view limit within Zendesk.
  • Empower Your Agents: Create and organise multiple level nested views to enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Easy Data Extraction: Convert views into PDFs or Excel files with a one-click option for rapid extraction.
  • Effortless Setup: Enjoy an intuitive, user-friendly interface and market-leading payment plans.


  • Boost Agent Efficiency: Enhance productivity with structured, organised views and dynamic search options.
  • Improved Workflow: Streamline ticket management processes, reducing time spent on ticket sorting and handling.
  • Customizable Views: Personalise your views to fit your team’s unique workflow needs.
  • Limitless Potential: Create unlimited views without any restrictions.
  • Quick Data Access: Easily extract data for reporting and analysis.
  • Seamless Zendesk Integration: Fully integrated into your existing Zendesk platform for a smooth user experience.