Productivity Apps for Zendesk

Our helpful apps for Zendesk are essential bolt-ons for levelling-up your team’s productivity

Get more done with less

We leverage our extensive process and support experience to build seamless integrations and apps designed to extract even more value from Zendesk.


Below, you’ll find apps that are ready to deploy and also a peek at our road map of solutions to boot agent productivity and simplify workflows.


NotifyMe is an innovative and versatile Zendesk app that makes it easy to create and manage ticket reminders.

Users can create and edit ticket reminders directly from within the Zendesk ticket view. Active reminders can be Snoozed or Dismissed.


NotifyMe has been built with configurable features allowing the user to determine how many times a reminder can Snoozed before it gets dismissed and how long.


One of the biggest limitation in Zendesk around views is that by default Zendesk only displays 12 views. In order to access more views users are forced to click on a button.

NestedViews has been developed to address this issue by giving users visibility of all their views in one place. Further NestedViews allows you to nest your views so that they can be grouped and the powerful search feature really makes it stand out.

Customer 360 AI App

The Customer 360 AI App offers a comprehensive overview of essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to your customer.


This omni-channel app gathers data from past customer interactions and presents insights based on this data in a highly intuitive summarised dashboard view.

Delivery Management App

The Delivery Management App revolutionises parcel tracking by providing real-time updates at every step of the journey. Seamlessly integrated with multiple carriers, our app ensures a consistent, clear, and efficient customer service experience.